Mobile App

iLand Tickets Organizer App for Event Management and Guest Check-in 
iLandTickets has also introduced an Organizer application for event organizers to successfully run the check-in and check-out procedure with complete authentication. Basically, the Organizer App has barcode and QRCode scanner and tickets data of your event. Both of these features are interlinked in the application, which ensures the entry of only valid visitors by scanning their ticket's barcode/qrcode and matching it with in-built data. The application is simple and easy to run. In addition, the app is reliable and secure.

How to use the Organizer App 
The Organizer app for event check-in is easy to use. Below are the workflows of the app:

  1. User will login with the same login credential from the web application
  2. Once logged in, you will see a listo of Events that you have created. Select an event to go to the event details
  3. User will see the status and summary of your events with details on purchase history. Click on any section to go the the details
  4. To start the check-in procedure, the event organizer needs to click on check-in button available on the status page
  5. Now the user can scan the barcode or qrcode of the visitor 's provided ticket. The organizer the all the ticket holder to enter event venue on successful ticket scan once barcode and qrcode matches with in-build ticket data. 
  6. When a visitor completes the check-in procedure, status get updated on the main page


Repeating the last two steps, check-in manager can successfully complete the procedure through the application.