About Us


With a dream to cater to the event industry with highly-technical and advanced resources, we have developed iLandTickets as a solution for events and tickets management software-as-a-service. iLandTickets software is a multi-faceted event management platform, where any individual using latest features and base materials can post the content related to his upcoming event and can sell tickets through the same.

What’s more in iLandTickets?

When you explore the core features and elements implemented in iLandTickets, you will find that it is not merely a simple event posting platform. You will be amazed to see that platform holds the entire essential elements, which must be a part of event publishing platform. The features available in iLandTickets are endorsed on the basis of deep study that has been done to analyze the nature of event organizers, audience and current event industry trend. After holding the main nerve of the event management and marketing, and the people using or associated with such sites, we have designed the layout of the site and accordingly, we have brought the features.

How Does iLandTickets Work?

The work flow of the site is kept quite simple, so that even a layman can understand and use it without much difficulty. The site has two parts to it - User Web and Organizer Web in addition to the Scanner app for Organizers to facilitate easier check-in and administration. 

Front End

Again, the front end is sub-divided into two categories. One side of front end belongs to the event organizer, who wants to publish their events and other belongs to the buyer, who wants to purchase tickets for any available event. However, log-in is same for both types of frond end-users

Event organizer

The clients logged in to post the events need to get through the registration procedure, which requires authentication and account validation. In the registration procedures, Event manager will be asked to authenticate their account to gain access to the solution and create an event.  

Flexibility to Describe the Event

Organizer has been given an option to explain their event in details and required. We offer various helping features that can help an individual to explain his event in better ways. Video, Audio and Image files are accepted. In addition, we provide several facilities to the client to promote his event, which include –social media connection, creating a contact list and sending a post to a community. You can witness the accessibility and availability of the features by signing up and try to post your first event.

Ticket Buyer

On the other hand, user visiting the site to buy the tickets will be offered a great flexibility to search the event. Visitor can offer his wish-list and accordingly, the events will be displayed to him. We have provided simple yet secured way to the user to buy the ticket.


We have kept our solution highly secured by integrating top level security technologies. Both Organizer app and Front end web are in syc with seamless integration and validation.